Today saw the release of what is, effectively, .NET 4.1 – although for some rather odd reason Microsoft have decided to name it slightly differently --- .NET 4.0 Platform Update 1. Now there is a mouthful (and no doubt going to be highly confusing to end users when you ask them to install the .NET 4.0 Platform Update 1 runtime …)

So what’s new? Well, if you are not using Windows Workflow Foundation, it seems you might as well skip this update – as that’s what the changes are in. But then again, there are some very interesting changes here, with the addition of state machine workflows (as well as SQL backed persistence, which is supported in Azure).

Although this update is not really going to apply to many general .NET developers, what annoys me is the naming. And it seems I’m not alone. Why on earth someone had the bright idea to come up with this insane name I really don’t know. And to release it as three packages too.

I wonder, are we going to see the demise of the good old major minor release build style version numbers for something more freehand ? If we do, I think its a step in the wrong direction, and walking towards creating a versioning / distribution hell …