I have been lucky enough to have had a sneak peak of IE7. And so far, I have to say I'm not that impressed. Now, it should be noted this is a beta build, and is not fully indicitive of the final release :) First, a screenie! ie7_ss1.JPG

Lets see.. whats new and notable.

Integrated Search Straight from Mozilla Firefox, it would seem, we have a customisable search (top right). Handy. About time. And no stupid plugins needed.

Improved Popup Blocker Again, it would seem, from Firefox we are pleased to see a much improved popup blocker. The addition of the popup blocker in Internet Explorer 6 was a good start, but not good enough - this has now been resolved :)

Multi Tabbed Browsing The more I look at this program, the more like Firefox it seems! The biggest dislike I have here is the fact that Microsoft have decided to put the toolbar, file menus etc on each tab. Why??? These are not tab specific functions!

Phising Filter A nice addition - but I've yet to see it in action (why do people have problems identify phising attempts??).

Feed Discovery Another neat feature - but I doubt it will be worth much until Vista hits the desktops - but why not just use Google Personalized Homepage?? (Go search my blog :)).

New Tools! - Delete Browsing History - Manage Add-Ins These do exactly what they say they do :)

Minor stuff My favourite change of everything so far is the multicolumn favourites menu :) At last, no more scrolling.