It’s just under a year since I decided to return to the wonderfully unstable world of contracting in Software Development.

And I have to say its been an interesting time – certainly had it’s up and downs …

But, I’ve gotten to work on some truly interesting projects, be involved with some inspirational start-ups and extended my skills.

One thing that caught my attention early on my re-entry to contracting was the telecoms sector – this has always been something I’ve been interested in, having worked a little with Cisco’s in the past, I figured it was time to push forward with it. So I have.

Over the last year I’ve attained my Avaya certification, become an Avaya Technical Partner and I keep pushing – extending my skills into other makes, including Cisco, Mitel and Nortel. I’m loving the variety that this industry brings to the table, and it’s a bit of fresh air from “normal” lines of business applications.

Most scarily, I haven’t had to advertise for work. I’m starting to think that I might, as new projects are starting to thin out (damn economy), but so far things have been good. But that isn’t to say that I’m not keeping my eye on the job market, looking for that ever “perfect” position. You know, that fabled one that is a joy to work at, has free coffee and means you still have a weekend? Ok, I know, maybe a stretch there – I’d give up SOME of the weekend I guess Smile

I wonder what he next 12 months will hold.