Ok, so what would persuade me to start writing yet another Media Player? What's wrong with Microsoft Media Player, or Apple iTunes? Simple -- they are too damn bloated! I don't want something that takes 30 + seconds to load, or eats up more than 25 - 30Mb of RAM - I can't afford that, especially when developing an application (and I'm too tight to upgrade my laptop :)). So AAmp was born. Sort of. It will be released as freeware (eventually), should it get 100% finished. At the minute it supports virtually all audio formats, and has basic playlist functionality. Its really only intended for MP3 playback :) I'll add Library support as well as automatic background indexing, random playback and more as time goes on - but its good enough for me to use now, so it might take some time to finish! aamp.JPG If you want a copy to look at, drop me an e-mail: andy at neillans dot co dot uk