Well, since early December, me an my ADSL Max connection have not been seeing eye to eye.

Instead of my normally perfect connection (at the full speed of 8Mbps), I've been getting a varying connection from 6Mbps all the way to 256Kbps. Yes, that is Kbps...

Finally a BT Engineer came out this afternoon (and in typical fashion, the damn line has been behaving this morning!), and concluded that it could be a bad Master Socket due to an intermittent issue he was seeing too. Anyway, replaced and off he went.

Since this all started, I've been reading up a lot on ADSL technologies, including the theory behind how it all works, etc, and have recently been tracking the Signal to Noise ratios on my router (both upstream and downstream).

Interestingly, my downstream SNR bounces between 2 or 3 dB all the way to 7 or 8 dB. No reasoning behind it either it seems - not weather, time of day or loading. Just fairly random. Since he replaced the socket it's sitting at 5.5 dB happily. Fingers crossed. 
(As a side note, he says 6 or 7 dB is the target, anything less is a bit iffy at times). Most perplexingly, his tests revealed I'm only 1Km away from the exchange - that's well within the 8Mbps range.

Anyway time will tell I suppose.

 - Yes I did try disconnecting all extensions
 - And replacing all the splitters (and running without a splitter and only the router connected)
 - And on the BT Test Socket
 - And another router

Oh, and if anyone would like a monitor app for a Cisco 837 let me know - it uses the SNMP traps :)