This is really starting to piss me off.  Apple is insistent on pushing that the Mac is a generally better computing platform when compared to the PC. Checkout their new advertising campaign. (Linked via Slashdot)

Ok, so we have six different adverts, all with the same theme - how the Mac is better than a PC. So what do they play on?

- Viruses Ok, yes there ARE viruses for PC's. There are viruses for Macs. Even for Linux. And, shit, EVEN FOR THE SYMBIAN MOBILE PHONE. Get over it. Viruses are life. Just run anti-virus and don't be a dick on the web you ass.

- Restarting This one is old. Too damn old. I'm a developer. I'm a VERY heavy user on PC's. I can easily leave my PC running (or in hibernation if I'm feeling environmentally concious) for days without a problem. Restarting problems are usually down to two things: Crap software. Crap hardware. Neither of these are Windows faults - or PC's come to that - you can get the same problems on a Mac...

- 'Better' This ones funny. It's just *better*.

- iLife (Bundled goodies) Why do people assume bundled software is: 1) Free  2) All there is to life. Get off your ass, checkout some of the offerings there are and you will find that you can do everything iLife can on a PC. The final solution might not be as slick, but you will have saved yourself money (what, you don't think Apple actually GIVE iLife away? Yes, its bundled with your Mac, but hell, they have had to pay for the development somewhere!).

- Network Oh hey, you never need to worry about drivers again. Just plugin and go. What a load of balls. This leads nicely to one of their "Why You'll Love a Mac" section - No more hunting for drivers. ( I quote: "On a Mac, a USB, FireWire, or Ethernet cable’s all you need. Plug one end into the device. Connect the other end to your Mac. And you’re good to go. You can have absolute confidence in your Mac because it comes prepared with all the drivers you’re likely to need for the peripheral devices one generally connects to computers. Thanks to Mac OS X, they’re all there, so you don’t have to give it a moment’s thought. In fact, the packaging for the product may not even mention the Mac, but if it connects to a computer via such industry-standard methods as USB, FireWire, Ethernet, or Bluetooth, it’s likely to just work. And on those rare occasions when the Mac doesn’t have a driver for a particular device, you should be able to find it quickly simply by visiting the manufacturer’s website or by Googling for it. Just type “Mac OS X” and the name of the product in the Google search bar (conveniently located at the top of the Safari web browser in Mac OS X), and a few seconds later, you’ll have your driver downloaded and installed. I think EVERYONE can see that what they are saying is equally applicable to PCs.

- WSJ (Review) Wow. Down to quoting a review. Good one guys.  

Please note: I am NOT a Mac basher. I actually use Mac's, and have owned both. Why do I currently develop on PC's? Because I get paid to. Simple.