I recently uploaded new, very basic, template project into Azure as the basis of something I’m working on, and after the pre-requisite eternity waiting for it to initialise realised that it was cycling between Aborted and Recycling states. Very odd.

So I tried again. Same thing.

I gave up and contact support.

I have to say, they were quick dealing with the request, but the information they gave was … to say the best … rather annoying.

The problem was I used MVC3 they said, and the DLL’s weren't included.

Fair enough.


BUT, surely the Azure packaging tooling should be more intelligent? If Microsoft’s own libraries are not preloaded on the platform (only .NET 4 is from what the engineer said), then surely the packaging tool should identify references that are not present and either warn or include them. Not just carry on happily.

Not only that, the information should be exported to the NEW azure portal, not hidden away. I’m told the information is available via RDP login (which has to be enabled … yes you guessed it … in the configuration when you deploy – so yet another delay!), but surely thats overkill for most web roles?