One of the first things that caught my eye when the Websites feature of Microsoft Azure was announced was “oh, you can use that for a small personal website, or two”. And so you can – after all, it supports PHP and MySQL.

Couple of minor issues though – the first being, management of the MySQL database is a bit of a pain, as there is no management tooling. However, that said, you can use the excellent MySQL Workbench from MySQL themselves – if it will stop crashing all the time.

Once you get past that bit, and actually throw something up there, you find more niggles.

After a bit of digging, you will hit some limitations of the “free” MySQL offering:

  • Up to 20MB Database
  • Maximum of 4 connections
  • Single database

Anything above these limits you have to pay – although the Microsoft Azure Websites portal pages really do not make this clear. Details are here if you are interested.

The size and database limits I can understand. The connection count is pitifully low, and for most projects makes it impossible to actually leverage anything on this.

I think what bugs me the most is that Microsoft have elected to use a third party for this feature, but don’t detail anything (apart from a small “you accept ClearDB’s terms” note on the create page and anything up from the freebie package isn’t handled “within” the Azure portal.

Maybe things will improve before it leaves preview … maybe not. I’ll stick to a more traditional MySQL install for now I think.