Well, that's me back for Christmas - got back from Arkansas today. Plane landed at just before 10, and I was home just before 3. Not too bad. Until your realise I'd just spent nearly 24hrs working / in transit! No wonder I'm exhausted.

Anyway, what was I doing in Arkansas ... working with a client (Compact Engineering), who make Infra-Red drying lamp solutions. Blueberry Consultants (the people I work for in case you had forgotten!) designed and wrote the new generate of control software for the lamp rigs - and the installation in Arkansas was not only the first deployment  but included modifications to tie it into their existing DCS system. Lots of work in other words, and lots of potential for it to go (horribly) wrong. Obviously, it didn't work on the first day there, but by the day before we left, it was tied in, running happily and doing it's job.

In case those that read this have never seen inside a paper mill (and probably never will), it's nothing like you would imagine - the scale of its awesome.

Obviously I can't post any pictures, but I can of the outside of the mill :)


Oh, and while I was out there I picked up a 4Gb Zune :)