We all need to do backups. But do you do them?

I have lots of various machines to backup, and all of them are running to a centralised location (NAS), and then ultimately onto external hard disks for further redundancy. Lots of hassle I know, but worth it in the worst case scenario of something failing.

So … automation becomes key – simply so you don't have to manually drag and drop files every day / week / month / whatever your backup frequency is.

Microsoft have had a great, Robust File Copy (Robocopy) command line application out there for a while, and it truly is amazing. Most importantly it can handle partial copys / resuming – that means it is ideal for making backups – and it will only copy the changes Smile

There are a LOT of options for Robocopy – you can get a complete list by opening a command prompt and typing in “robocopy /?” and hitting enter. Be prepared to scroll.

The ones that I find the most important are:

/s = Copies subdirectories (but only if they have content)
/e = Copies subdirectories (even if they are empty)
/z = Copy using restartable mode (so if you have to stop it, you can resume)
/purge = Deletes files from the target if they no longer exist on the source
/v = Verbose logging – I like to see what's happening

Other than that, you use it the same as you would a file copy – there is support for jobs (i.e. you can save preset copy parameters and reuse them very easily), but I’ll leave that you to explore Smile