It’s a fairly significant win for the anti-piracy groups … it’s certainly the first time that I’ve heard of an ISP being ordered, by a court, to restrict it’s user activities.

I’m talking about the news today that BT has been ordered to block it’s users from accessing the Newzbin 2 pirate search website.

I don’t advocate piracy, but I do have to think that there has to be some sense in what people say – if the software, music and films were available in digital formats and were cheaper, then surely the amount of piracy would be lower?

I tend to buy music on CD’s still. Why? Because I have many different digital devices that I want to play it on. So I buy the CD, and rip it to MP3. Solved. For ages it was impossible to buy any digital music without some form of DRM on it – and to date, no one has managed to come up with a GOOD DRM system that works fully across platform – from mobiles, to pcs, to macs, to in car players.

I think the same problem is now facing films. There is no one, easy to use, supported platform for playing films that you can download. Legally.

Perhaps if these problems were solved, piracy would reduce. Perhaps.

As it stands, I can predict the risk in people using things like Tor, and private VPNs.