Well, I now have the car back. I actually got the car back on Monday, but thought I'd wait until now to see if the insurance company were going to be nice and pro-active regarding the outstanding niggles. Are they hell. So far I've emailed once and called three times. Every time I get a promise of a return call that day, and every day so far nothing has appeared. I'm getting a tad fed up (not much has changed has it?). You are probably wondering what niggles could be left. On the surface the repairs did a grand job - the body work is perfect, excellent paint match etc. However, during the process of replacing the door, it seems they had a few problems. They have managed to break the door handle (as well as incorrectly fit it in the first place), and the console that holds the electric window controls on the arm rest. Oh, and there is most certainly something loose inside the door (that they replaced). To cap it off, there was still a shit load of broken glass in the car - and on the seat. Lovely. Oh, and I still haven't got a replacement stereo.