Carrying on from my earlier posting about SDM (Security Device Manager) I’d like to introduce you to Cisco Configuration Professional – also available from Cisco CCO.

In a nutshell, Cisco Configuration Pro is basically SDM 2.0. A lot of the screens incorporated within it are plainly the old SDM screens, although it does fix a number of the “new” issues that you encounter with Windows 7 and Vista. And at least it’s supported these days, unlike SDM.

When you first fire it up you are greeted with a nice, new, clean feeling UI. This quickly passes when you see the actual configuration screens!



My biggest gripe is that when you fire it up, and provide the details for the router(s), you still have to mess around and hit “Discover” in order to get it to actually interrogate the devices – but at least this now occurs in the background.

Some things of note tho: CCP can actually receive events from IPS modules so you can get alerts – which is cute – as are the extended port / protocol monitoring screens.

It also runs a local web server if you install the software onto a PC, to host and operate the (still Java) app.

At least it works on Windows 7 tho. Sigh. Can’t wait for a proper app tho.