On the first of February my company released a small, very simple, companion application for use alongside Clicky Web Analytics.  The app in question is called Clicky Dashboard (yeah, I know, its original Smile).

What does it do?

It simply pulls information down hourly and presents the pertinent parts of your Web Analytics on a desktop client – letting you keep working while still keeping an eye on your website performance.

At the moment, the application is extremely basic as it was never really intended to be released – it was built for internal use; however, we thought that there might be a need for the application by others.  Instead of pushing forward developing it in various directions that might not actually make sense, we though that we would open it up “as is” and get YOUR feedback. What would YOU want it to do. What statistics do YOU want it to display.

So why not download it, have a play (with the fully functional 30 day trial version) and give us your feedback?

For details on Clicky Dashboard, please click here