I attended Cloud Camp last night in Edinburgh at The Appleton Tower @ Edinburgh University and it certainly delivered a few insights.

As you probably are aware if you read my blog, I work fairly heavily with the Microsoft Azure cloud at present, although this isn’t to say that I have not investigated the other possibilities such as the Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) offering.

Why did we choose Azure? Quite simply it is a good way to ensure that we are using the same tech stack from top to bottom, which for us allows us to greatly improves our maintainability of our toolset.

There were a couple of product vendors there that did spark my interest: aicache and rightscale. It’s a pity that the management vendors do not support Private Clouds based around the Microsoft Hyper-V arrangement, or we would have seriously taken a look – as it is, they only support VMWare. Shame. Seems a hole in the market!

Another thing mentioned is that it is time to nominate for the Scottish Open Source Developers Award! It’s actually the first time I’ve heard of the award, but it seems a good idea. Unfortunately it seems that their website is down.

You can get an idea of the action by having a look at the #CCScotland tweets from last night: http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23ccscotland


There is one thing that I realised while sitting outside watching the world go by … I need to go back to University :)