My Caliber was in at the garage on Friday getting new discs fitted... This time I opted for a courtesy car, as I had a few things to do (like visit the girlfriend for lunch!).

Anyway, being a Merc garage, I was kind of hoping I'd get a Merc (probably a lower end one) to potter about in for the day. My god, was I mistaken. I got a Merc alright. An E280.

3l Turbo Diesel, Automatic, brand new (57 plate). With 11 miles on the clock (had a LOT more by the time I had finished!).

The daft thing is, I prefer my Caliber. It's got more of a raw feel to it, and I don't feel sick with the thought of putting concrete slabs in the boot (I wouldn't dare put slabs in a Merc - not a £38k one anyway!).

An I feel the automatic box lets them down - even driving it in manual using the tiptronic system, it still didn't have any immediate get up and go.