Everyone who reads my blog knows my history; and they know that I’ve worked with InstallAware several times in the past. I’ve also been a strong supporter of both InstallAware and Embarcadero (simply as the latter purchased Delphi … which I still regard as a superb development IDE but that's a different topic).

I’ve recently come across this blog post on the InstallAware blog; detailing a current legal spat that has developed (or is developing) between these two companies – and I have to say, I am appalled. That Embarcadero can treat other companies that they have worked closely with (well, I guess it was with Borland / CodeGear but would have expected the legal agreements to follow …) the way they are.

During the blog post, Sinan lays out the chequered history of various behind the scenes business movement – much of which will have been totally unknown to people on the “outside”. But he also opens the doors onto what is going on now – and it all stems from an attempt to patent troll (whereby InstallAware was held liable – standard practice unfortunately in this game, but still you would expect a degree of assistance).

What you wouldn't have expected is their attitude to things – basically a different rule for themselves vs what they expect from others. Not providing access to their own tooling, to a registered tech partner, but expecting what appears to be a life-long enduring contract for InstallAware to provide access to (and hosting of) various components that they see fit to use. Without providing any compensation for these.

It makes me wander what their next move will be – and just goes to remind me that business these days is all legal – it does seem that true innovation is dead. Perhaps this is what the future will be once everyone gets their hands on software patents?