Just to update all you lovely readers (yes, all one of you!) on the situation with The Planet and SORBS. Well, The Planet are not budging. They refuse to assign new (clean) IP Addresses on the grounds that they do not know what blocks are clean. They refuse to pay and clear the block on the existing range due to 'SORBs poor management'. They refuse to give me a partial refund should *I* clear the block. Great. So I'm stuck, between the two with a server that does not handle mail properly. This leads me to one conclusion. I need to move co-lo once again. I have already cancelled one server, and now only have the one -- once I find another suitable host, who actually listens to their customers and cares about the state of their network, I'll move the server. Maybe The Planet deserves the nick name "The Planet of Spam". I used to think the spam flag on them was purely because of the number of sites they host - now I'm starting to think differently.