I've moved house, and the EE signal sucks. "No problem", I thought, "EE had enabled Wifi Calling a few days earlier - I'll give it a shot".

It works generally ok - but only on my Wife's iPhone, and not mine. Seems that EE have only enabled it on Personal contracts and not the Corporate contracts. They have, however, pushed out the carrier profile update so you see the option - although it does absolutely nothing but tease!

The one gripe that I have, other than not being able to use it, is that whenever the phone sees a tiny bit of network signal it tries to switch from Wifi - which means you drop the call. This happens ware more than I'd put up with generally and the only way round it that I've found is to enable Airplane mode and then re-enable Wifi. Not the best user experience, but I guess this one is down to Apple's mistake!

Heres hoping that EE and Apple can resolve the glitches on it.