So you are wanting to be more secure in your day to day activities on the web …

Well, the first thing you need to learn is checking up on where you have BEEN (yes that right, not where you are going, but where you have been!).

Maybe that doesn’t make sense, but let me give you an example.

You, like most people, probably use an online (free) webmail service, or perhaps the webmail service that your Internet Service Provider gives you when you sign up.

Have you had a look to see if it actually tells you something simple such as when you last logged in? Or even where (as in the IP Address)? This simple piece of information is usually enough of a red light should someone gain access to your account from a location that you do not normally use – or a time that you are usually at work, in bed, whatever.

But hold up. Who actually understands what an IP Address is, let alone read one (ok, outside of this circle eh?)?

Maybe we need to come up with a good way of identifying the “norm” for a particular user from a list of previous addresses, and flagging anything unexpected up for them. Maybe at that point you could  carry out additional authentication before allowing access to data.

Either way, I can not help but feel that in this digital age, something has to happen to improve digital identity security.