Well, I have had the Pocket Loox T830 for just over a week now, and so far, I like it :).  I have, unfortunatly, had one major crash on the Fujitsu splash screen that required a hard reset (loosing all my data etc) to get past. Annoying, but my old Smartphone (SPV C500) used to do that very often - every 3 days at best!

- VERY fast CPU
- Stable - at least, as far as WM goes!
- Built in GPS
- Brilliantly clear screen, IMO

- Fairly chunky and weighty (but this is something I don't really care about!)
- Screen is really too small for GPS use, while driving. VERY good while walking however.

The keyboard takes a bit of getting used to, but then again, all of these thumb keyboards do.

Overall, I really like this device. I certainly suits a techi down to the ground :).

Some pics (borrowed from FSC website ;)).