Lets say you are needing to support a legacy (i.e. on site Active Directory domain join environment) as well as looking to move to the "modern" management approach - and to faciliate this you need your devices to still be domain joined.

In order to reach this goal, we need to do some more configuration - but you will need to download the Windows Configuration Designer from the Microsoft Store (or install the ADK) to achieve this.

WCD is a big improvement from many of the old tools you had to use to build a provisioning package, so lets get started.

Once you have WCD installed and running, click on the "Provision Desktop Devices" option; this will kick off a wizard which will walk you through some of the basics - don't panic, you can change things later. You will be prompted to fill in some basic details, such as what you wish to name this project.  I'll start with "Additional Domain Configuration"