Over the last few days I’ve been playing about with Google Chrome – and I must say, it is an excellent browser. It is greased lightning. Perfect for surfing the web, and is exceptionally light weight with minimal plugins being loaded – unlike Internet Explorer, and even Firefox these days.

There are a few problems though.

For one, things like Microsoft’s Card Spaces does not work – although these only work in Internet Explorer, so nothing new there.

Next up, lack of major functions to aid developers – Internet Explorer and Firefox both have well developed aids for assisting developers with css, header monitoring etc. These will appear for Chrome, but will take time.

Finally, some sites really don’t support it. Case in point is my bank – NatWest. In actual fact, there is no real technical reason why they do NOT support it, and I’ve actually e-mailed them on  this fact, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Conclusion: Download Chrome now. You will (probably) not be disappointed.