This is an old argument. However, like most, I used to believe in buying normal branded hardware - such as D-Link, Netgear, Belkin (I know, they are all networking companies - but there is a reason to that!). Now, on Wednesday I discovered my Wireless Access Point was playing up. Oh well, I thought, a reset should fix that. One reset later, it was dead. No lights, nothing. Hmm. Ok, try a factory reset. Nothing. Checked the power supply, that was ok. Still nothing. Sod it. The damn thing was only 2 years old (or there abouts) too - and it was made by Belkin. Before I bought the Belkin 54g WAP, I had a Netgear 11Mbps point - this work brilliantly, until a DAY out of its warranty. When it died too. Same way - no activity, nothing, not a dickiebird. And the power supply was find that time too. Why did I mention D-Link? Well, after their public execution over the NTP fiasco, I'm going to avoid any manufacturer that tries to force their will on you. So, I now have a very cheap, unbranded 54Mbps WAP. And it works. For now. But even if it croaks, I don't care - it cost less than half the current price of the Belkin!