I have certainly been exceedingly lucky, landing a contract to do some work out in Hawaii – in the Waikiki Beach area to be exact.

An incredibly exotic location, amazing weather (although what is up with the wind?), and some mind blowing beaches. Honolulu itself feels like any other American city, until you actually speak to people – life here is so laid back. An incredibly tempting mixture.

I’m staying at the Waikiki Parc Hotel – which is literally a stones throw away from the beach. The hotel, as hotels go, is not bad – room service is decent, and the staff are friendly. The rooms are an adequate size and comfortable enough. I still haven’t gotten around to checking out the fitness area / pool here, but that is partly because I really haven’t had the time and as I don’t swim (yet) I really have no need.

I did, however, drop into the Apple Royal Hawaiian store and check out the iPad. And was most disappointed. I really don’t know what people would actually buy that device for. It would make an amazing ebook reader, but in my opinion it’s too heavy for that. That and if you are like me you get a little careless with your books – you read them in bed, the train, the plane, the beach – and they get dropped. I’d hate to drop an iPad.

Anyway, it’s almost lunch time here, so I better get moving :)