I’ve been going through the infrequent hassle of moving my hosting provider.

I previously had a dedicated server (a very nice, very powerful box but I doubt anyone is interested in that ;)) with a company called UK Solutions down in Redditch, but recently decided that as I no longer needed the flexibility of my own virtualised system (and of course, want less hassle to devote to my other budding projects!) that I would migrate everything and terminate the co-lo agreement.

And so the fun began.

I started off a Reseller account with 34sp.com (basically an account that lets me throw all the sites etc up and let someone else deal with the hardware and management – much nicer for me these days!). As they are using Plesk things were a little fiddly to start with (and I still don’t get the icons loading, but hey, it works), but once I got the hang of things it all went smooth as anything. I even get daily reporting straight to my inbox :) And customer control panels. Dear god, that's scary … I can get them to do their own email setup and leave me in peace. Next thing you know, I’ll be charging for hosting. Oh look, flying pig.

I fired off my contract cancellation into UK Solutions with a good couple of months left on my current term, and was rather dismayed to see that they added another 5 weeks onto the term to bring it up to a full quarter period. Seems that there is a 3 month exit clause on the contract. Argh. You would have thought that termination of contract, when you have a decent period left anyway, would let them have a little bit of flexibility on this clause especially when I’d been a customer of theirs for three years without any hassles.

Two points for signing off this minor rant :)

1. Check your contracts … always read the small print

2. You don’t ALWAYS get what you pay for. 34sp.com are a LOT cheaper than UK Solutions, and so far I have absolutely no complaints – even when logging fault reports, things get resolved swiftly. Keep up the good work guys.