Well, once again I found myself moving around the country – now I’m back in Scotland (best place to be if you ask me). You would have thought after moving the number of times I have, that I would have it down to a fine art – but no matter how much planning you do, things crop up to catch you out.

This time the move itself went without too much of a hitch thanks to the help of some good friends, but there were problems with the phone line. And more problems, and problems once again. Third time lucky it seems – lets hope it stays working. At least the broadband is now enabled on it … (but it’s slow … argh the joys of being the middle of no where!).

Now the boiler is playing up – the second time in a week. Not a great sign, but have to keep my chin up and pushing onwards. Guess it can always get worse eh?

As the broadband is up, and I have a desk / computer setup (only taken a couple of weeks Winking smile), I’ll probably get around to publishing the handful of articles I’ve written for my blog … if I can find them…