Well, for the last year or so, I've been charging my mobile via USB from my laptop virtually every other day. Simple reason for that is, I can't be arsed to plug it into the wall at home to charge - anyway, whats the point of having a mobile if it can't be mobile?? Well, today I duely pulled out my USB cable, connected it all up and through nothing of it. Until later (much later) I went to send a text and noticed that the screen was blank... that and it wouldn't even power on. Ok. Thats odd. I sent a message literally seconds before plugging it in, so it WAS working. Fried by usb? Who knows. Fried by Windows? Certainly hope not, the phone runs Windows too (it wouldn't if I could find a good way to hack Linux onto it). Question time: Do I dig out the warranty and send it away, or pull it apart and see whats toast? Answers on a postcard, or on this blog please :) Edit: For those that know me, pretty obvious here. DONT RING MY MOBILE - I WILL NOT GET THE MESSAGE, GOT IT ???? Will post again when I've replaced / fixed it!