11209_5340_140_th I've got a new gadget. Well, if you can call a phone a gadget.

It's a Mitel 5340 IP Phone. Lots and lots of details here on the Mitel site, so I will not bore you too much.

There is only a couple of problems so far ... Mitel market the phone as a dual mode compatible (SIP and MiNET) - as we don't have a Mitel PBX in the office, I was planning on using the SIP mode. But can I find out how to switch it over ... can I hell. There seems to be documentation out there for the 5200 series, but the steps must be different - at least, when I tried it on the 5340 it didn't make a difference. Unfortunately Mitel's response is "talk to a dealer", and the dealer's response is "buy a Mitel PBX" things don't look too promising. I hope they are not mis-selling these phones.
I've sent another e-mail off to a couple of people at Mitel - time will tell...

The other cool thing about these phones is they have a companion tool so you can manage it, dial etc from your PC - it's done by a company called Ingenius Software. Unfortunately they don't currently have a download on their site for the 5340, but they tell me it will be there this week. Mind you, I'm not sure if it will work with the phone in SIP mode as it might need to talk to a Mitel PBX for its functionality. Time will tell :)

Hopefully I'll get to use my phone soon ;)

Oh, and I found the Ingenius Software founders blog. Here is a post where he talks about the app in question :). Reminds me of snap a number, which targets the Asterisk PBX - but nicer!