Well, I seem to be inundated with Smart Phone devices now. This time, in addition to my Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T830 (which runs Windows Mobile 2005), I now have a Nokia E61 which runs the Symbian Series 60 OS.

Not a bad little device all told, in fact, if I hadn't already met the T830 I think the E61 would be my Smart Phone of choice.

Very slim and lightweight.
No hassle operation - turn on and go.
Supports Exchange mail :)
Large, crystal clear screen.
Wifi support.

Symbian Series 60 OS; I'd have to buy more tools to develop for it.
Lack of a mini USB connection for sync and charging; instead you have a VERY chunky cable.
Wifi could be easier to configure.

Oh, and I've grown to like the fact the T830 changes the backlight depending on the mode its in (when in Phone mode, the keys for numbers are lit blue, while the others are lit white).

Now I have to decide whether I keep this phone (came on a T-Mobile contract), or e-bay it ....