Well, the new server is assembled, and undergoing testing.

Once it passes, will ship it down to UK Solutions to install it and fire it up :) Then the fun of moving the current Virtual Machines starts ;)

For now, some pics - now, please don't moan about the wiring, this was before I started tidying it up!

Front of the Machine

LOTS of cooling! Note the passive heatsinks on the Xeon's.

Pucca server board, which ensures that everything is correctly in the airflow. Lots of spare RAM banks too :)

I would just like to say thanks to my employer, Blueberry Consultants, for assisting with hardware selection (our sysadmins have WAY too much experience at building rackmount servers specifically for running VM based platforms!).

Plug Warning: If you want a REALLY good screen recording app, that includes Flash, WMV and AVI export, checkout BB Flashback :)