On my (old) blog, a friend of mine made a comment (which appears to have been lost in the switchover) which has actually struck a chord with me now that there is less the 48hrs left of this year.

Thats the great thing about New Years ... its the start of a NEW YEAR!

New year, new starts, new goals, new beginnings. Besides, if we didn't ever loose anything - how would we know what we didnt' want to loose?...or want....or need....okay okay - this is getting two deep now!

I've had one of those days where you can't be bothered to do much, browse the net, answer a few e-mails and that's about it - so I've had time to reflect on the year that has almost run out on us. And it was then that the 'comment' floated back into my head - and it clicked how true it really is.
You never know what things are important to you, be it work related, a relationship, or hell, even something material, until you loose it - and suddenly you are left with a gap. Mind you, something always comes along to fill it ;) Ahh, the joys of a new beginnings, new year's, new relationships etc are some of the best feelings in the world; although you will not beat the feeling of something established and stable.

And yes, I'm rambling.