Well, after almost two years of working with Money Dashboard working with them building their excellent Personal Finance Management tool, I’m returning to contracting.

Why am I bailing from a full time job and returning to contracting? Lots of people have been asking me this over the last few weeks and I thought I’d actually put my thoughts out into the world – at least that way, it will hopefully stop me having to explain it time and time again! (And, I’d hope, it might help a few people who find themselves in a similar situation make the leap).

First up, it’s not as if I have never been contracting before – it’s something that I used to do when I lived in the South East, and I did enjoy it. But with the hassles of moving, a “steady” job was far more enticing, so I left contracting when returning to Scotland. That was a good five / six years ago. In that time, the regular pay cheque was lovely, but it lacked the stimulation and freedom that I wanted.

A number of things changed in my personal life, as well as my outlook on various things, in the past six months – and it’s in that time that I started actively looking at returning to contracting. The flexibility as well as the time to pursue some ideas of my own appealed to me. That, and a contract opportunity in Hawaii.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I’m now contracting, trading under Wildfire Software, and will be working on developing a number of applications – some industry focused, some security related (I know, I seem to have developed a thing for security!), but generally, keep your eye out. Oh, and why not follow my “work” twitter account?

Contracting is not for the faint of hearted – you never know when your next job is (let alone your next pay cheque!), but the rewards (and freedom!) are amazing – I’m so looking forward to actually having time off!

This isn’t to say that I’m escaping from Money Dashboard … I still have the need (actually, probably more than ever now!) for Personal Finance Management … and can’t wait to see how the application matures and grows. Now I’m wanting some more contractor friendly tools to appear in it :)

Expect some pictures from Hawaii to appear ;)