I've been using the new Royal Mail "Print your own Postage" system today - basically SmartStamp for the masses (all online). SmartStamp is a nice idea, complete with an address book (or so I'm told), but it does still have it's flaws; simply google around and you will see what I mean. People complaining about poor label placement, crashes, long updates and such. To be honest, I can't say I blame them either - RoyalMail even sucker you for a monthly fee. And to cap it off, you do not get the discount on the postage used like you do if you use a traditional franking machine - annoying considering they have lower overheads! What I would really like to see is a SmartStamp SDK - I would love to get my hands on that and write a much better application (and embed electronic postage generation into other applications). Would help Royal Mail increase their profits I'm sure (they must already have the management back end in place to manage the SmartStamp installations, so all they would need to do is subclass the core into an ActiveX object or such ...)