I’ve just encountered a really strange problem regarding Silverlight 2.0 GDR1 release and our TFS Build Server at work.

First up, there does not seem to be any way to run the GDR1 installer on the server, so no way of updating the SDK on the build server. Great. I initially didn’t think anything of it, unpacked the installer and ran the MSI contained within. And all seemed fine.

The we noticed that builds were different between the local dev machines and the build server; in that they worked locally and threw a mixture of (seemingly) random errors on the server builds. As our system is setup to pull builds only from the build servers to populate our live and test setups, this was obviously a critical problem.

After some digging, it seems the Silverlight 2.0 SDK had NOT been updated; even after running the Silverlight 2.0 SDK msi and it seemingly installing without error.

I ended up pulling a copy of the updated files from a working Dev box to the server and extracting them, and all seems well.

Fingers crossed!

I hope Microsoft will fix this omission, or at least make it slightly more obvious where to find the relevant updates for TFS installations – a lot of people, like us, do not install Visual Studio on our build platforms!