I've found myself in the market looking for a decent Smart Phone - that is, one running Windows Mobile - and not the Symbian OS that Nokia prefers. The main reason for this is work; we develop for Windows platforms, including Windows Mobile :)

The main goals are:
 - Email
 - Messenger
 - Development Test Platform
 - A phone!

Ideally, I want Wifi onboard, otherwise I'll be hammering GPRS / 3G all the time when I'm at home or in the Head Office ...

So, the two I've been looking at are:

 - Treo 750v (Currently only on Vodafone, but can always get one sim free somewhere ;)). No Wifi though.

 - Fujitsu Loox T830 (Not cheap, but packed with features - inc GPS!).

Trying to find places locally to actually have a look at each of these before I make my mind up ...