Almost three years ago I wrote a piece about the fact that Royal Mail did not provide any means of integrating with their “business class” SmartStamp postage printing software.

In three years nothing has changed.

But, something has.

More people are now using CRM solutions, such as Sales Force, or even self hosted solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics.

Even more are running SugarCRM or any of the other million open source offerings.

Ebay / Paypal have a deal to allow you to print off shipping labels, with postage, via Royal Mail (through their online service, a bit like SmartStamp).

Hey, but you have guessed it. Still no SDK for SmartStamp.
Personally, I find it slightly nuts that a team of developers can write something like this, and not consider the fact that third parties will want to integrate. I’m even more amazed that the architects, managers, and so forth have not realised there is probably an untapped fund stream there!