As I’m sure some of my (two!) regular readers will remember, I have previously blogged about the security (or lack thereof) when it comes to using Social Networking websites – and specifically when you make use of any of the applications on them (here's looking at you Facebook).

What’s more disturbing is that I came across this article today, which is equally concerned about it. It does actually increase my concern about Facebook – I hadn’t realised that when a friend takes a quiz, or makes use of an application, they can actually provide access to MY data through them. Interestingly there ARE some controls on Facebook to limit this, but I have yet to find them through a route in settings – but instead you have to use a direct URL:

Maybe you should all check to see what is accessible (take the quiz mentioned in the article, you might be surprised) and adjust your settings …

I’m all for Social Networking, but please, can we at least have some accountability?