Now, this is my first real post regarding Microsoft VS.  I've been working with 2005 for a few weeks now, and I've started finding it very nice - very comfortable, relatively quick - and it behaves. Only had one crash so far. However, coming from the well rounded Delphi IDE I find I'm missing things - specifically a good, easy to use, object based Sockets Library. In Delphi I was using Internet Direct, and as a member on the Core and internet management groups, I spent a lot of my spare time developing Indy and submitting demos, patches, new components and the such. Now, as I'm no longer using Delphi, this has diminished.  Luckily, there is a small group of us Indy Developers who have started creating a true C# port of Indy - although there is much to do! We need volunteers! Anyone who knows Socket programming under C# and is willing to help please drop me line. (Yes I know there is the Indy .Net compiled libraries, but they require Borland Assemblies - something I do NOT want to have to distribute!)