I can almost guarantee that if you use TFS, you will need to edit a process template sooner or later; the default forms that TFS provides, although good, always need tweaked to fit how your team works.

I even find the EMC Scrum pack needs tweaked at times (I mean, why is there no assigned to for a bug??).

So, the easiest way to do this is to ensure you have the Team Foundation Power Tools installed, fire up Visual Studio them click Tools, and select Process Editor – then you get to choose what you want to edit!


The most common one I end up editing are Work Item Types – and specifically, I tend to cheat and edit them through this tool on the server.

Now, be sure to abide by all the warnings when editing process templates. These changes kick in immediately, and effect EVERYONE on the dev team using this project. You have been warned.

Also remember to export any modifications and re-import them on other project collections that use the same template for consistency.