For a while now I have been using the Telerik JustCode Visual Studio extension tooling which provides extended Code analysis and Refactoring capabilities – something that I find the standard environment has significant faults in.

I actually started off using Resharper to extend Visual Studio, and was using it for many years before JustCode was around however I found myself switching due to a number of reasons:
- Poor performance
- JavaScript refactoring
- Extensions to Unit Tests (new unit test runner)

It also helps that the Telerik team are extremely receptive to wish list feedback, and in fact, seem to release builds just when I’m wanting new features Smile

So, what exactly is JustCode?

Well simply put its a plugin for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
What does it provide? Now that’s a fairly long list:
- Code Analysis
- Refactoring
- Unit Test extensions
- Code Templates
- Code Navigation and Search
- Code Assistance
- Code Generation
- Code Quick Fixes
- Code Cleaning and Formatting
- Code Quick Hints

I could go on forever and give you a full rundown on the functionality in detail, but I’m not going to. Instead, if you are interesting, why not read the Telerik JustCode page? It covers everything.

What are the benefits? Ultimately, I code quicker – and more efficiently. Common errors such as locating missing classes in assemblies that you do not reference (yet), removal of duplicate or unnecessary characters, automatically adding casts  and more.
The much improved error display is also a god send – and seems to be more accurate that the one in Visual Studio too (it’s actually part of the Code Analysis part of JustCode). It has support for C#, Javascript, ASPX and XAML – basically all the languages that a modern .NET developer has to be conversant in!

But, my absolute favourite has to be the extensive refactoring tooling; being able to move types to new class files, extracting methods to improve code reuse and automatically adding relevant stubs in descendants. Lots of little operations that I know we can all do manually, but why should we? Surely tooling such as this can only make us faster at producing quality code?

As it stands, JustCode is only one of a couple of tools that I always install in my Visual Studio environment to allow me to shape it to my needs – but more on the others some other time!

For now you homework is to go and check out JustCode, and see if it will help you code faster …