Well, I'm in Arkansas (Little Rock to be precise) now - it's 2am local time, and it would be 8am UK time ... no wonder I'm wide awake! Plane landed here just after 9pm local time ... a LONG day traveling you could say!

Connecting flight at Atlanta - now that's a big / busy airport ... even has it's own under ground "metro" style railway to get you from end to end - over 1200km - in a straight line it seems.

Ho hum - not much to report, except I'm working onsite with a client - hence being out here. Back Wednesday / Thursday though - looking forward to getting back home ...

Met another lone traveler on the Manchester > Atlanta leg called Mac; nice guy - on his way to Birmingham Alabama to stay with friends over Christmas - something he has done since his wife died in 2003. Has a passion for classic American cars it seems - and to be honest, who can blame him! Hope he got his connecting flight ok; he had a four hour wait whereas mine was a more comfortable two! (Or would have been if it hadn't been delayed!).

Oh, I still hate flying. Although I've just done 5500 miles roughly. Another 5500 miles later this week. I wonder if I can claim that on my mileage allowance!