Found a diamond buy today. iRiver H10 5Gb with a colour screen. For 99 quid. Unfortunately, it was out of stock according to the shop. Oh, but they were expecting more in on Wednesday (when the price goes back up to the usual price of 199). Can I reserve one - sure. Then I find out that their system will not let her - but I can order it online. Off I trundle, and fire up the net, and go and check. Guess what. 'Out of stock' - Available Wednesday. Can I reserve one at this special price? Nope. Actually, can I reserve one full stop. Nope. Ok, lets check their other stores. Large company blah blah, you would think they would have some somewhere considering the deal has only been on for a few days. Nope. I checked 19 stores. Not a thing. So - my gripe for the day? Why do shops push 'special offers' when: - They no longer have the goods (haven't they heard of taking a poster down???) - They have such a limited supply, yet they run a WEEK long special - surely they must know that they would sell out fast? The daft thing is, the more I think about it, the less I need a 5Gb MP3 player - my laptop is usually with me, and I've got around 180Gb of MP3's..