I was planning on going out for a ride on the Zed at the weekend (it was a beautiful weekend weather wise!), but I unfortunately discovered a seized back brake.

No bother, I thought, it will just be the slider full of gunk.

So Sunday after was spent stripping, cleaning and stripping some more (the bike that is).  And it still sticks. Must need new seals.

Ah well, got them ordered up.

While I’m at it, had to order:
- New pads
- Spares for scott oiler (the zed has eaten some of it it seems)
- Couple of spare keys
- New chain adjusters (old ones were worn, still worked tho)
- New bar ends (totally f**ked as I found out fitting heated grips)

But I did get the heated grips fitted (and they work perfectly!).

Next task: Clean, clean, clean, and oil.
The reassemble. Hopefully next weekend will be a decent day and I get an a short run on the bike – assuming all the parts arrive and I have time to reassemble …