Updating from vCenter 6.0.0a to 6.0.0b would have been a straight forward task I'd thought. Not so it seems.

First off, the appliance no longer auto-updates or has an admin UI - as it did in v5.
Now you have to download the patch ISO (not the normal install one), persuade it to mount and run a number of commands.

Simple isn't it. 

The steps to do an upgrade are:

  1. Find the patch ISO you need from https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch#search and download it.
  2. Fire up the vSphere client, and connect to the HOST that is running the Appliance.
  3. Open the Console for the Appliance VM
  4. Mount the ISO in the normal way
  5. SSH to the Appliance (if you haven't enabled this, you need to first, obviously)
  6. Run: software-packages stage --iso
  7. Accept the EULA (read it first, of course)
  8. Run: software-packages install
  9. Reboot appliance
  10. Repeat process for other patch ISOs as required

I'm wondering why it has to like this ... what was wrong with the semi-automated web interface method?