I attended a Microsoft Conference in Edinburgh yesterday on Virtualisation technology - specifically Hyper-V.

Virtualisation certainly is an interesting technology, and not something that I new to me. Many of the regular readers of my blog (the few that there are!) will know that this very server is virtualised. Not massively, but enough to actually warm the metal up a little instead of letting it sit idle in a nice comfortable data centre. Got to get my monies worth ;) I used VMWare to do my virtualisation, purely from a cost standpoint.

The new Microsoft Hyper-V technology brings a new hypervisor to the virtualisation arena - this hypervisor sits underneath the actual operating system running on the server, and mediates access to the various physical components. True virtualisation it is not, unlike VMWare. But this means the performance penalty is not as significant (in theory).

What's the catch? Until the freely available Hyper-V installation is launched (in 30 days or so), you can only get Hyper-V by purchasing a copy of Windows Server 2008 Enterprise edition - which carries a hefty price tag (although you can run 4 copies of this on the same machine).

I'm looking forward to trying out Hyper-V once I have an iSCSI array online for data storage, so I suppose I will be blogging more about it in the future.


The one thing that REALLY did catch my attention was SCVMM. That is System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Worth checking out - lets you deploy a VM from a template library rapidly, with no hassle. Even includes a self-service portal for your users :)