UPDATED: Please note that all the Freeware applications can now be found on my company website (but they are still free!). Just to say I've uploaded a new utility to my Freeware page. It's a small tool to manage VMware login credentials for VMware Console; I have three VMware Server machines myself, and on one I even have two accounts .. I can't remember two passwords, let about four more -- so I wrote this tool. Simply save your details, then all you have to do is select the session and hit Play :) Passwords are encrypted using DES, and there is a framework to support complete file protection - which I will add eventually. File associates are created for vcm files - just to make life that little bit easier. Let me know what you think ;) Requires .Net 2 Runtime, written in VS 2005 using C#. When Mono finishes support for System.Windows.Forms it should run in lots of places, but until then this is a Windows only tool.