Well, Monday has to be the worst day of my life so far.  After visiting a client on-site (after a 3 hr drive early morning), I returned to a "secure carpark" in Manchester (Celebration Village car park off Julia Street in case you are wondering), to find my car done in. They had cleared out the glove box, which contained the stereo front plate, my wallet, mobile, GPS etc. Unfortunatly, due to the nature of the site, I couldn't take anything non-essential with me. So that was me, ID and my laptop. Thats all I was left with. 200 odd miles from home. Great. Anyway, eventually get to the hotel that I had (thankfully) pre-booked and started calling round to get things sorted. 1. Police didn't want to know. Fair enough, more important things to do. But why tell me in the first instance to not touch the car (or remove anything), and then when I call three hours later tell me that they can't do anything and I might as well get the car removed. 2. Secure car park my arse. CCTV, logged plates and STILL my car gets done. And not once. The bastards returned and finished the job on my stereo - and took the WHOLE unit. And went through my bag in the boot. Shit, even lost my CONTACT LENSES!! And no fucker saw a thing. Yeah, ok, whatever. 3. Insurance company (Admiral if you are interested) dick me around on the replacement (temporary) car. THREE DAYS? WTF do they expect you to do if you are stuck with no car, no wallet, no mobile - as I was???? Thankfully I had a prebooked (and paid for) hotel room, and my brother was working an hour or so away today. Anyway, car is in Manchester waiting for the insurance company to decide whats going to happen. Probably going to get written off knowing my luck, as the damage could cost more than the car is worth... Will find out soon enough though. The only good guys in this story are British Airways; I missed my last minute booked flight home due to traffic getting to the airport, so they upgraded me (business class ;)), and put me on the next flight. And a free meal. Quality. More will follow when I have calmed down a little... Oh, and if the cunt that has my TomTom One (complete with the modified startup screen so I KNOW it's mine), I hope it gets you fucking lost. Enough said. Car Image 2 Car Image 1